Attract Riches with Art

Indulge Yourself ... and Use Art to Attract Wealth - Instantly

Have you ever noticed that when times are tough, and you know you should be saving your money, you get the urge to redecorate?  Or you find yourself suddenly obsessed with cleaning your apartment?

Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something.  If you've heard anything about the ancient practice of feng shui, you know that your home environment can effect your health, family, love life, and... INCOME.

It's true. The Chinese have been using feng shui and feng shui art for years to attract money and positive successful energy into their homes and businesses.  And now the west has caught on too.  Western Individuals and even businesses are using the principles of feng shui to enhance their success with art to attract wealth or feng shui art.  It's like a secret weapon that those 'in the know' use to help them achieve their dreams.

Prosperity Mandala

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Energy or “chi” is all around us. Every object, person, and pet emits energy, and that energy can be harnessed to improve the quality of our everyday lives. In other words you can use feng shui for money and you can use feng shui for wealth.

The Ba Gua

(Front of Home)

In feng shui, our home is divided into nine sections which form the ba gua. Each section of the house influences different aspects of our lives. For example, if you wanted to attract new love into your life, you would concentrate on enhancing the energy of the back, right section of your home, that effects relationships. You attract good energy, first by clearing a space and removing negative influences, and then by intentionally placing items in the space that represent the outcome you want to achieve.

The energy in our homes can enhance or impede our:

prosperity; fame and reputation; romance and relationships; family; health; creativity and children; skills, knowledge and wisdom; career; and our ability to encounter helpful people and travel.

How Can I Attract Wealth with Feng Shui?

In western feng shui the back left section of your home or office relates to wealth so that's the first place to enhance to attract wealth.


First, get rid of the dust and clutter and then use some of the cures listed on this page.


Purple, gold, and green are all colors that represent prosperity. Purple is the color of royalty. Gold is gold and green is the color of money. So after you’ve cleaned carefully, add some color in this section. Red is also good but don’t use too much.

Feng Shui Symbols that Attract Money such as the Prosperity Mandala pictured below are powerful when used correctly.

A fountain with moving water is also wonderful prosperity tool for your home. Water is very powerful so use this tool judiciously. If you do decide to use a fountain, make sure the water is kept clean. There is nothing like the delicate sound of flowing water to create a wonderful atmosphere of peace and plenty in your home. An aquarium is great for this section also but again, it must be kept clean ... and make sure your fish are healthy.

A Word of caution about using Feng Shui Symbols ...

The Importance of Intention

Intention is extremely important when using feng shui to improve our lives. When you use feng shui for wealth or feng shui for money, you've got to be mindful of  how you do it. You can't carelessly fling a bunch of prosperity tools into a space and expect it to have an effect. It doesn’t work that way. Just one or two items placed lovingly and thoughtfully will bring a much greater benefit than too many items stuffed into your prosperity corner. When you give a money tree as a graduation gift or a Prosperity Mandala to someone just starting a business or marriage, make sure you tell them how and where to place their prosperity art. Prosperity Mandalas come with an information sheet that explains their basic principles and how to use them. They are also beautiful works of art.


Art to Attract Wealth - can be your Secret Weapon for Prosperity

Feng Shui Art can be a powerful tool for attracting prosperity. But art can be tricky. You want to make sure all the artwork hung in your prosperity corner is vibrant and rich. Be careful of unintended symbolism in your art. You don’t want to hang a photo of your favorite uncle (who just happened to go bankrupt), in this area of you home.

You don’t want to be cheap or chintsy in this area of your home either. You should act as if you already have the prosperity you desire.  Always buy the best quality furniture and decorations that you can afford.

That's where Prosperity art in the form of a prosperity mandala comes in.  Prosperity Mandalas are rich and luxurious. And each prosperity mandala was created from feng shui symbols representing prosperity. For this mandala, four main photos were used as the number 4 is associated with prosperity.  The colors green and purple are prevalent in one photo taken in the late morning on a spring day.  The spring and late morning are associated with prosperity in Feng Shui.  A pile of gold coins form the middle of the mandala.  There are also rich jewels and the branches of a hand crafted tree made of real money.  All these symbols were brought together in a collage an then transformed into the beautiful mandala pictured above.

The finished mandala is a unique work of art that has been imbued with positive energy to attract wealth. If you want to give feng shui gifts, these mandalas are perfect.

Once you print your mandala, you draw prosperity into your life by hanging the mandala in the back left section of your home or room. And then watch as money starts pouring in from all sorts of unexpected places. (Don’t forget to clean and de-clutter the room first. The energy needs space to circulate.)

Prosperity Mandalas make great gifts for recent graduates, newlyweds, or anyone with financial concerns.

Each Feng Shui Mandala is an limited edition. When you buy a feng shui mandala you have a get a license to print it only twice. Once 50 have been sold, the mandala is "retired" and a new mandala is created. They also come with an information sheet which explains feng shui mandalas and how to use them.

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Use Feng Shui for money. Use feng shui for wealth and give feng shui gifts to help others in your life. Asking yourself How do I attract prosperity? Hang a feng shui Prosperity Mandala today.

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Hang this beautiful prosperity mandala and watch as money flows into your life. You will be beautifying your home with this symbolic representation of abundance, feng shui money and you will feng shui attract money for years to come.